List of Training Programmes

We offer a wide array of training programs that range across various fields

We first became well known in the Engineering and Construction industry as a place to learn AutoCAD from Zero, in just 2 days.
We provide technical as well as soft skill courses such as Microsoft Project, Effective Project Management, Kursus Kemahiran Penyeliaan, Solidworks, Effective Human Resource, Microsoft Excel, Word & Powerpoint, 3D Studio Max, 3D Printing, Python Programming, Ethical Hacking, Internet of Things (IoT) and many others

Course Details


>> AutoCAD 2D Essentials <<
for beginners (with no experience or very little experience in AutoCAD) – what you will learn – from zero to knowing how to draw new drawings, or do editing to existing drawings

>> AutoCAD 2D Advanced <<
for those who are already familiar with 2D – but want to go deeper into 2D

>> AutoCAD 3D Essentials <<
for those who are already familiar with AutoCAD 2D and want to go to 3D

>> Solidworks 3D Essentials <<
 for beginners starting with Solidworks . This course has all the necessities to get started and model in 3D with Solidworks

>> Inventor 3D Essentials <<
for beginners starting with Inventor . This course has all the necessities to get started and model in 3D with Inventor

>> 3D Studio Max Basics <<
for beginners to familiarise with 3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max Intermediate <<
for those who are already familiar with 3D studio Max, wanting to go deeper into it such as rendering with materials, etc.

> 3D Printing <<
transform your design from digital form to solid 3D objects


>> Microsoft Excel Basic For Beginner <<
Excel for beginners

>> Microsoft Excel Intermediate <<
Excel for those who already know the Basics, and want to advance further, includes some formulas

>> Microsoft Excel Advanced <<
Suitable for those who already have a solid grasp of Excel and wish to master it

>> Microsoft Word Basics <<
Word for beginners  

> Microsoft PowerPoint Basics <<
PowerPoint for beginners


>> Microsoft Project Basics// For beginners with no experience using Microsoft Project or just getting started

>> Microsoft Project Intermediate // For those who are already very familiar with Microsoft Project and wish to delve deeper – S Curves, Reporting, Combining with Excel

>> Effective Project Management Skills with Project Risk Management // Learn about achieving objectives by successfully planning, organizing resources and effective execution whilst managing the expectations of customers and stakeholders


>> Effective Human Resources Skills Basics // For HR Admin officers to gain better understanding of key HR processes and procedures

>> Effective Human Resources Skills Intermediate // For HR Admin officers who wish to gain more insight into strategic HR methodology

>> Kursus Kemahiran Penyeliaan // Kursus ini khusus untuk pengurus, penyelia, dan ketua kumpulan yang menghadapi cabaran mengurus pekerja


>> Internet of Things <<

>> Python Programming <<

>> Ethical Hacking <<


20 CCD points // 2-day programmes
10 CCD points // 1-day programmes
Participation Certificate // provided
Laptops // provided
Lunch // voucher provided
Teaching language // English & Malay
Times // 10am to 5pm

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