Effective Human Resource Skills Basics | short course | 20 CCD CIDB points


Overview // The Human Resource Administration Skills is an interactive and comprehensive course enabling participants to develop skills and knowledge required to handle daily human resource administration practices and enhance the overall effectiveness of the company. The intensive workshop covers 5 modules, which are HR in a Gist, Business Writing, Time Management Techniques and Tools, Getting Organised, and Communication Techniques. Sample forms, business letters, emails and reports will be provided to encourage immediate implementation.

Target Audience // This program is suitable for HR Administrators, Administration Executives, Personal Assistants who are managing HR functions

Methodology // Brief lectures, pre-test and post-test, group and individual activity, role-play, discussions and video presentations

Duration // 2 days

Objectives of the Program // At the end of the program, participants should be able to:

  • Have an understanding of the scope and function of key HR processes and
  • Develop their administrative skills to be a more efficient HR personnel
  • Apply what they have learnt
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Module 1: HR in a Gist
– Understanding the HR Process
– Understanding the HR terms and Tools
– Preparing HR Documents

Module 2: Business Writing
– HR Letters and Emails
– Report Writing
– Minute taking tips and techniques

Module 3: Time Management Techniques and Tools
– The Bullet Journal
– Planning and Scheduling
– Prioritisation Techniques
– Workflow Management using the Kanban Method

Module 4: Getting organised
– Office organisation the 5S way

  • Sort-Seiri
  • Set in Order-Seiso
  • Shine-Seiton
  • Standardize -Seiketsu
  • Sustain-Shitsuke
    – Organising files and documents
    – Coordinating and organising meetings

Module 5: Communication Techniques
– Understanding personalities
– Telephone answering skills and tips
– Handling complaints

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