*HRDF claimable courses with CCD CIDB points*

Courses (Classroom / Online)

DatesCoursesCCD Points
22 JulyMicrosoft Word Basics10 CCD Points
23 JulyMicrosoft PowerPoint Basics10 CCD Points
23 & 24 JulyAutoCAD 2D Basics from Zero 20CCD Points
26 & 27 JulyAutoCAD 3D Essentials 20 CCD Points
28 & 29 JulyKursus Kemahiran Penyeliaan20 CCD Points
2 & 3 AugAutoCAD 2D Basics from Zero20 CCD Points
4 AugMicrosoft Excel Basics10 CCD Points
4 & 5 AugAutoCAD 2D Advanced20 CCD Points
5 AugMicrosoft Excel Intermediate10 CCD Points
6 AugMicrosoft Excel Advanced10 CCD Points
12 & 13 AugEffective Human Resource Admin Skills - Basics20 CCD Points
16 & 17 AugMicrosoft Project Basics from Zero20 CCD Points
26 & 27 AugKursus Kemahiran Penyeliaan20 CCD Points


CAD, 2D & 3D

CoursesNormal FeesCurrent Promotion
AutoCAD Basics from ZeroRM 1500RM 1280
AutoCAD 2D AdvancedRM 1750RM 1400
AutoCAD 3D EssentialsRM 1750RM 1400
Solidworks 3D EssentialsRM 1750RM 1400
Inventor 3D EssentialsRM 1750RM 1400
3D Printing EssentialsRM 2150RM 1490
3D Printing Basics RM 990RM 580
3D Studio Max BasicsRM 1500RM 1230
3D Studio Max IntermediateRM 1750RM 1350

Human Resources & Administrative

Courses Normal FeesCurrent Promotion
Effective Human Resource Administrative Skills Basics RM 1150RM 990
Effective Human Resource Administrative Skills IntermediateRM 1350RM 1200

Microsoft Office

Courses Normal Fees Current Promotion
Microsoft Word BasicsRM 750RM 410
Microsoft Word IntermediateRM 850RM 510
Microsoft Word AdvancedRM 950RM 610
Microsoft Excel BasicRM 750RM 410
Microsoft Excel IntermediateRM 850RM 510
Microsoft Excel AdvancedRm 950RM 610
Microsoft Powerpoint BasicsRM 750RM 410
Microsoft Powerpoint Intermediate RM 850RM 510

Advanced Excel Courses

CoursesNormal PriceCurrent Promotion
Excel Dashboard2150 1490
Excel VBA2150 1490
Excel Pivot & Query21501490

Project Management

CoursesNormal FeesCurrent Promotion
Microsoft Project Basics from ZeroRM 1500RM 1280
Microsoft Project AdvancedRM 1750RM 1450
Effective Project Management Skills with Project Risk ManagementRM 1350RM 1200

Supervisory Training

CoursesNormal FeesCurrent Promotion
Kursus Kemahiran PenyeliaanRM 1150RM 930

Digital Marketing

CoursesNormal FeesCurrent Promotion
Digital Marketing BasicsRM 1900RM 1450


CoursesNormal FeesCurrent Promotion
Accounting BasicsRM 1350RM 1200


Courses Normal FeesCurrent Promotion
Mandarin BasicsRM 850RM 510


CoursesNormal FeesCurrent Promotion
Adobe Illustrator RM 900RM 550
Adobe Photoshop RM 900RM 550

AutoCAD Courses

Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Office Courses

Project Management Courses


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