What our participants had to say:

AUTOCAD 2D | 2-day short course
Ahmad Hairi Akmal | Consultant | MHAJ Consult | oil & gas company

“…Sebagai consultant, saya selalu tengok drawing tapi kurang faham asas AutoCAD untuk baca drawing. Setelah kursus 2-hari bersama CAD Design Centre, saya telah berjaya mengedit dan membuat simple moderate design bagi memudahkan kerja saya..

“..Dengan cara yang sangat reliable, kursus ini mempunyai lebih banyak latihan praktikal daripada teori, yang sangat memudahkan saya untuk menguasai cara cara menggunakan AutoCAD..”

“..Oleh kerana jadual kerja yang sangat sibuk, CAD Design Centre amat membantu saya dalam mengadakan kelas dalam masa-masa yang sesuai..”

“..Setelah mempelajari AutoCAD, saya dapat membantu syarikat saya dalam berjimat. Ini kerana jika ada apa apa perubahan pada drawings, kami tidak perlu hantar luar ke draughters, dimana mereka meletakkan harga yang tinggi walaupun perubahan yang diperlukan hanyalah sedikit..”

AUTOCAD 2D | 2-day short course
Kent | continuous improvement practitioner

“..Was facing difficulties in using AutoCAD as I could read but not how to edit or creat new drawings as I struggled to apply commands and shortcuts in it..”

“..Now with the straight-forward and practical teachings by CAD Design Centre, I could edit and draw confidently comfortable using AutoCAD..”

AUTOCAD 2D | 2-day short course
Logamoorthi | Engineer | IOI Group | developer company

“.. I found it difficult to do quick and easy edits on the AutoCAD drawings I usually work with, I have always needed to depend on third parties to do minor changes that cost me time and money..”

“..I came to CAD Design Centre to improve the way I work and after many exercises given during my 2-day class, I can now do my own edits and new drawings without outsourcing them to third party draughters..”

AUTOCAD 2D | 2-day short course
Xindy | college student  

“..As someone who is not quite tech-savvy, I decided to come to CAD Design Centre to learn AutoCAD. I found their method of teaching was easy and fun..”

“..In college, I work little faster than my peers as I have the advantage of knowing how to use using AutoCAD. Whether you are about to enter, still in, or just done with college, i highly recommend this!”

MICROSOFT PROJECT | 2-day short course
Reeshmma | HR Specialist | Abbott Laboratories (M) | pharmaceutical company

“..The Microsoft Project course at CAD Design Centre has helped me in establishing a plan. It has taught me to manage resources by being able to insert them as new columns and to properly manage them better too, time spent on various tasks, and seeing the project progress in a more sequenced timeline..”

“..Microsoft Project allows me to use my time more wisely. I have learnt that if I had to insert new data, I would not need to change them one by one as how I previously had with Microsoft Excel. This is very beneficially helpful when dealing with massive amounts of data either for a big or a small company..”

AUTOCAD 2D | 2-day short course
Nurul | secondary school student | avid gamer who likes to draw

“..For my first time using AutoCAD, I found it very interesting. I love to play games and this new skill would help me to create and draw as my hand drawing needs a lot to be improved on..”

“..It’s fun and I got to learn more about it here with CAD Design Centre than learning it on my own -would really like for more girls to know about using AutoCAD!..”

AUTOCAD 3D | 2-day short course
Nur Amalina Kamarudin | Landscape Architect | construction industry

“..Sebelum saya hadir ke CAD Design Centre, saya tiada asas dalam AutoCAD 3D. Namun selepas mempelajari AutoCAD 3D selama 2 hari, saya dapat menguasainya dengan mudah dan cepat, dengan ilmu yang banyak dikongsi dan dipraktikkan..”

3D PRINTING | 2-day workshop
Janey | Designer | Eins Engineering Design | engineering & design industry

“..With the difficulties in communicating ideas and designs with clients through 2D and 3D drawings, I found 3D printing (models) to be a great help for me to communicate ideas with clients effectively and they are cheap to manufacture too..”

“..The 3D printing course by CAD Design Centre is very conducive and I get to learn a lot from the passionate trainer, as well as from the other participants. As we are taught to also know the pros and cons of this method, it helped me to avoid these issues when dealing with my own work..”

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