AutoCAD 2D Advanced | short course | 20 CCD CIDB points

Prerequisite // Working knowledge of AutoCAD 2D

Suitable for // Those who are already familiar with 2D, and wish to delve deeper – title blocks, scales, deeper block knowledge, adding table or excel data to drawings, isometric drawings. Helpful for strengthening AutoCAD knowledge within team for documentation, presentation, team drawing flow.

Course Description // In larger teams, a new challenge occurs. Different members of the team would need to reuse components or objects which has been drawn before. This course would help them to organise all the different information in a standardised way across the organisation. It will al so help create participants create templates, where other members of the organisation could follow and use, instead of creating a new and non-uniform drawing each time.

Course Duration // 2 days

Target Audience // Those who already have a 2D knowledge of AutoCAD – Draughtsman, Assistant Engineers and Engineers in the field of Mechanical, Civil, Road, Transport, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Industrial, Chemical and Petroleum Product Engineers, Architects, and Interior Designers who wish to go on to 3D to enhance their skills.

Learning Objectives // Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create proper drawing standards and templates for their team. They would be also be able to create proper databases for them to manage many different drawings and components so that it could be shared across teams.

Methodology // 70% practical hands-on sessions and 30% theory. Students will have mastered with confidence subject matter, to be able to independently pursue subject matter by the end of class.

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