Jobs for Those with AutoCAD skills

Learning & Development Breakfast Forum

Breakfast Forum: developing retention and engagement strategies

Why AutoCAD?

CAD, not quite the pet you know

Draw a Basic Floor Plan with AutoCAD 2D

Draw a Basic House with AutoCAD 3D

Proses Pembaharuan Lesen CIDB

Introduction to Canva

Canva for Beginners

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Qualities of HR Managers

Microsoft Project Tips & Tricks

Tips for First-Time Managers

Top 10 Terms Project Managers Use

CIDB License Renewal Process

Use of Excel and Advanced Excel skills for Construction, Finance, Marketing, Sales. Oil and Gas and Manufacturing

Advanced PivotTables – Combining Data from Multiple Sheets

Creat a PowerPivot BI Dashboard from Raw Data in Less Than 20 Minutes

Excel Visual Basic (VBA) for Beginners Part1 – Buttons & Macros

Excel Visual Basic (VBA) for Beginners Part2 – Change Cell Values

Excel Visual Basic (VBA) for Beginners Part3 – Positioning & Offset

Excel Visual Basic (VBA) for Beginners Part4 – Loops

Excel VBA Beginner Tutorial

Excel Macro Class 1 – Getting Started Programming Macros

Interactive Excel HR Dashboard

10 Most Used Excel Formula

Excel Formulas and Functions Tutorial

AutoCAD 3D House Modeling Tutorial Beginner (Basic)

Making a 2D Wrench in AutoCAD

What Is 3D Printing and How Does It Work?

3D Printing: Make anything you want

Learn Microsoft Project In 16 minutes Flat!

How To Create S Curve in MS Project – Plan VS Actual

An Animated Introduction to the Key HR Functions

Human Resources Advice | HR Tips

Excel Quick and Simple Charts Tutorial

AutoCAD 2D Practice Drawing ( Making Car Stering )

Top 10 3D Printing Ideas For Your Office

Simple Project Plan in Microsoft Project

Key Skills HR Professionals must have

How to Create Drop Down Lists in Cells – The Complete Excel Guide

AutoCAD 2D : Bicyclette

Scheduling for Success with Microsoft Project

5 Tips to Get into HR &  How I Started My HR Career

How to make a line graph in Excel (Scientific data)

AutoCAD 3D, How to Draw Screw

Updating Project Progress with Microsoft Project

Human Resources Experience + Q&A!!

How to Make a Weekly Schedule in Excel – Tutorial

3D Chair – How to Draw Chair in AutoCAD

Microsoft Project Tutorial – Understanding the Critical Path

Create a calendar in Excel that automatically updates colors by event category

AutoCAD 3D Tips

Percentage Change Formula & Chart in Excel

Best Commands & Tricks of AutoCAD for Productivity

5 AutoCAD Tips/Command To Speed Up Your Drawing

15 AutoCAD Shortcuts for Beginners

Human Resource Advice – HR Tips




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