5 AutoCAD Tips/Command To Speed Up Your Drawing


In this tutorial you will learn 5 tips and tricks that will help you to speed up your autocad sheet making.

Briefly in this video we will see following tips:

– How to use Power trim command in Autocad
– How to use zoom and navigate command in Autocad
– How to use shortcuts in Autocad
– How to use Match properties command in Autocad

List of Shortcut Commands:

– Line : L+ Spacebar/enter
– Rectangle: REC+ Spacebar/enter
– Circle: C+ Spacebar/enter
– Arc: ARC+ Spacebar/enter
– Polyline: PL+ Spacebar/enter
– Move: M+ Spacebar/enter
– Copy: CP+ Spacebar/enter
– Mirror: MI+ Spacebar/enter
– Fillet : F+ Spacebar/enter
– Offset: OF+ Spacebar/enter
– Hatch: H+ Spacebar/enter
– Array: AR+ Spacebar/enter
– Scale: SC+ Spacebar/enter
– Text: T+ Spacebar/enter
– Linear Dimension: DLI+ Spacebar/enter
– Angular Dimension: DAN+ Spacebar/enter
– Radius Dimension: DRA+ Spacebar/enter
– Diameter Dimension: DDI + Spacebar/enter
– Match properties – MP + Spacebat/enter



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