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Often mistaken for our favourite feline, CAD is commonly misinterpreted in conversations.

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design – it is basically a computer programme that helps you design a vast range of scales from buildings as big as KLCC and townships, to objects as small as a microchip.

Many don’t know that almost everything you see, touch, and use, was designed with a tool that is often taken for granted – the CAD software. Sometimes even those who are from the ‘tech’ field – Engineers, Scientists, Architects, and students – overlook the boundless possibilities of CAD too.

Decades ago before designing with a computer became a norm, people used to design by hand, on papers with calculators and lots of reference books. Skyscrapers were literally hand drawn on tons of A1 or A0 sheets -yes, it’s those rolls of building plans lugged around within construction sites.


Today, CAD is used everywhere. It would be surprising if you are in the Engineering, Construction, or Architectural field, and not know how to use it. But low and behold, I’m still shocked at the lack of importance given to this subject in universities after all these years as we tend to train a lot of fresh graduates to equip them with CAD knowledge before they step into the working world.

Some of the famous software for CAD are AutoCAD, Solidworks, Inventor, and Revit, just to name a few. If you just look around where you are at now, I bet there is at least one thing designed with it.


For example, the house you are living in was designed with a CAD software. The same goes for furniture, kitchen appliances, cars, as well as the thousands of components inside them. Even the zippers on your clothes were designed with CAD software!

Almost all non-organic items around you are designed with CAD. We often joke about this in our classes, as practically everything except human beings are designed with CAD.

CAD is one of our most popular subjects at CAD Design Centre We even assist design processes using different CAD software i.e., AutoCAD, Solidworks, Inventor, and Revit.

Visit our LinkedIn page to learn more about us – or visit us at – we are more than happy to help or offer any advice in this area.

Other courses we provide include Project Planning, Risk Management, Programming, Hacking, Human Resources and other Business related courses.

What is the value of using AutoCAD or any other CAD software?

Compared to about 10 years ago, draughters were still using manual drafting tables, and creating drawings by hand- using ink pens and A0 and A1 tracing papers.

Using AutoCAD or any CAD software makes it much easier to draw a design, compared to drawing by hand. What used to need complex calculations using scale rulers can be done in seconds with CAD software.  Editing a drawing, for example erasing a few lines, which would have needed careful erasing with a razor blade, can now be done and redone many times in a matter of seconds.

Is learning the AutoCAD course difficult?

Many people who need to use AutoCAD subconsciously believe that learning the AutoCAD course is difficult. I suppose it is because of the multitude of buttons, icons and menus around the drawing area. But studying the Auto CAD course can be made simple through using many practical examples and hands on training. In CAD Design Centre, you don’t even need to have any knowledge and can start from zero – as we provide AutoCAD courses for beginners

There are also a number of options if you are looking for an AutoCAD free online course with certificate, you could check udemy, or They offer many online classes for AutoCAD – from beginners to advanced classes. The AutoCAD training classes can be done according to your own timing, whereby you would also be able to repeat the class if necessary. A certificate of completion is provided upon completion of the AutoCAD course.

For free online AutoCAD 2019 classes, you will be able to see many options on YouTube. You can see some AutoCAD modelling examples created online – right from beginners to intermediate, and all the way to the advanced course.  You can visit various YouTube channels to view the various online coaches conducting their training programs. One such example is

click here for full list of course schedule . CADTRAINING.COM.MY

If you are a construction company who is registered with the Malaysian CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board or “Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia“), you will need to have a certain number of CCD (Contractor Continuous Development) points whenever you renew your license with CIDB. At CAD Design Centre, you can take the AutoCAD course while obtaining the required CIDB CCD points (20 CCD Points per person). You can view our course schedule and the relevant AutoCAD course fee here:

Various industries use AutoCAD for their design work 

AutoCAD is heavily used in the construction sector where most companies normally have a team of draughtspersons. Alternatively, some may outsource the design work to 3rd party Auto CAD design companies.

However, it is always in the company owners’ best interests if their engineers also possess a basic knowledge of AutoCAD, at the minimum. Most Construction / Mechanical and Electrical / Civil and Structural companies send their key people to learn the AutoCAD course, to gain the essentials of Editing and have the ability to make some basic changes in construction drawings. They would normally prefer to attend a 2 to 3 day AutoCAD certification course rather than a long term AutoCAD class (3-6 months course).

Usage of AutoCAD in various industries and sectors

AutoCAD in Civil design – overall building, structure, design

AutoCAD in Architecture – the overall design of the building

AutoCAD in Mechanical and Electrical sector– Plumbing, Air-conditioning, Fire systems, Hot and Cold Water systems, Electrical circuits, switchboards.

AutoCAD in Building Maintenance – after the building is completed, building managers use the plans to install and maintain new and old equipment.

In the Manufacturing Sector or Factories – AutoCAD is used for layouts for equipment, machine placement and also for the maintenance department. It is also used in equipment and machine design, although for equipment and machine design, more robust software like Solidworks and Inventor is used. Solidworks and Inventor are good for assemblies, and also load factor testing.

In the Oil and Gas sector – AutoCAD is used for pipeline design, equipment design, platform design, layout of equipment, electrical conduits, etc.

CAD Design Centre is an accredited CIDB training provider and offers CCD points.  Our AutoCAD training comes with CIDB CCD points. You can view our full list of courses with CIDB CCD points here – (Senarai kursus CIBD dengan mata CCD)

For those who are looking for jobs that require AutoCAD like drafters or draughtsman

We have summarized various job opportunities for AutoCAD (peluang kerja autoCAD or jawatan kosong AutoCAD)

Click here for jobs needing those with AutoCAD Skills


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