Live session with Aziph Mustapha, 1230pm, 5 May 2021


Vyasa speaks with Aziph Mustapha on Culture

Have you wondered how a large organization sets it’s culture? And more importantly maintains it?

Join in a live session today, with Aziph Mustapha,the Head of Culture Trransformation and Engagement at Celcom Axiata, Aziph.

Aziph is an experienced international speaker with a unique mix of corporate, start up and government leadership experience.

Currently, as The Head of Culture Transformation and Engagement at Celcom Axiata, Aziph advocates kindness and empathy, and fun!

Aziph is married with five children, very active in social causes and enjoys basketball as well as music.

Join us at 1230pm 5 May 2021, in Linkedin Live, FB Live or Youtube live.

Links to join the session here: (Free Session, no need to register)

Linkedin live :

Youtube Live:

Fb Live :



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