Pivoting Your Business During Troubled Times – Live Interview with Yap Eu Juan, Jaymee Tan & Pavanatha


Pivoting Your Business During Troubled Times – Live Interview with Yap Eu Juan, Jaymee Tan & Pavanathan ( 3pm, 11 May 2020 )

Pivoting Your Business During Troubled Times – Live in Conversations that Matter, 3pm, 11 May 2020

What do these companies have in common? A swimming school, a Cheerleading Company and a Treasure Hunting organizer? They are all outdoor and group activity-based. Which only means they absolutely cannot operate during this Covid – 19 Crisis.

Or can they?

Yap Eu Juan – Swimmin12.com
Pavanathan – Pava’s Hunts www.Treasurehunters.com.my
Jaymee Tan – Cheer Aspirations www.cheeraspirations.com/

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0:00 Video Starts
2:24 Introduction
6:24 How did you turn around your business during Covid
10:53 How did you turn around your business around during Covid
16:48 How do you do stunts online
21:15 How to swim without water 26:48: will you carry on with this program in swimming
28:41 How did you team react to the Covid situation (Jaymee)
29:56 : How did you team react to the same situation
37:08 How does virtual treasure hunt work
45:00 How did you keep in touch with your clients 51:57: How do you overcome the fear of swimming
53:19 What are some funny things you have come across online
58:32 How do you create a large room atmosphere that create a good energy
1:03:48 What if client want more virtual training more than physical training
1:11:01 Any Advise on the event industry
1:20:00 Last advice

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