Applying Game Philosophy in Business Scenarios – Live Interview with Jegatheeswaran Manoharan


Applying Game Philosophy in Business Scenarios – Live Interview with Jegatheeswaran Manoharan ( 3pm, 14 May 2020 )

Applying Game Philosophy in Business Scenarios – Live with Jegatheeswaran Manoharan, 3pm, May 14.

Games have been part of human civilization that can spur our thinking faculty in unique ways as much as the real world does to us.

0:02 video starts
2:08 introduction
3:43 What does gamification mean ?
5:32: Gamification
9:58 How did you tie games into business
13:56 Using games philosophy in business
21:40 How I relate games to business
25:38 Some games you can play
33:23 How to play finite without think of it as a infinite
40:14 Can you elaborate infinite game design?
40:43 Can you link the infinite it to game theory
55:28: who do you look up to in gamification
57:43: What game is Covid 19?
1:15:30 How can business keep up with Covid 19

How can games help us understand the world we live in?

How can we use the wisdom of games to creative new perspectives on business issues?

Hope you enjoyed watching the show!

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