Climbing the Corporate Ladder


A video by Hanie Razaif “5 Mistakes When Climbing The Corporate Ladder”


In the video you will learn:

  • The Power or Networking at your work and out of work.
  • Not learning how to Delegate.
  • and more…

Just a sneak peak of the video content. Real life experience is shared by Hanie Razaif which talks about how important that networking is among other topics that is relatable to people.

By the way, have you heard of EIS (Employment Insurance Scheme)?

If you know of anyone who is recently retrenched this can be very helpful for them as there are some benefits such as:

  • Jobs Search Allowance form 30-80% of last average salary (for 6 months). 
  • F-R-E-E Training 
  • Job Counselling
  • and more…

Here is a link that you can past to them that will help them out a lot.





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