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Microsoft Office Trio (Excel, Word & PowerPoint) is a highly on-demand application that is used by loads of users to this very day. Today’s fast-paced world, proficiency in these applications is a must-have skill. Whether you’re a student, professional, or simply someone eager to enhance your digital literacy, our course has you covered.

The mastery of Microsoft Office Trio will also help you cut down on workload and be efficient in the workplace. The majority of employers expect you to be proficient with the Office Trio before they hire you.

Microsoft Office Trio is versatility as you can unlock the full potential of Excel as you learn to manipulate data, create formulas, and analyse complex datasets with ease. Harness the power of Word to produce polished documents, streamline workflows, and collaborate seamlessly. And dive into the world of PowerPoint, discovering how to captivate audiences with visually stunning presentations that leave a lasting impact.

At the CAD Training Centre, our number one goal is to enable our students to implement the skills immediately at the workplace or business.

Choose Your Course

We offer three levels of Microsoft Office Trio training course which you can take individually or consecutively. 

Microsoft Word Basic

This training programme teaches you how to get started with Ms Word. We will cover essential functions and uses such as create, edit, format, proof business document and etc.

Who is it for: The course is for a complete beginner and has little or no working knowledge of Ms Word.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: Normal price RM950 – *Promo* RM750 

Details & Booking

Note: This course awards 10 CIDB CCD points.

Microsoft PowerPoint Basics

In this course, we will explore functions and uses, such as to create presentations, understanding templates, insert objects & diagrams, format slides and create slides shows with handout and speaker 

Who is it for: The course is for a complete beginner and has little or no working knowledge of Ms PowerPoint.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: Normal price RM 950 –*Promo* RM750


Note: This course awards 10 CIDB CCD points.

Microsoft Excel Basics

In this course, it teaches you how to get started with Ms Excel. We will cover essential functions and uses such as data entry, simple formula/functions, working with basic charts etc. 

Who is it for: The course is for a complete beginner and has little or no working knowledge of Ms Excel.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: Normal price RM 950 – *Promo* RM 750

Details & Booking

Note: This course awards 10 CIDB CCD points.

Microsoft Office Trio (Word, PowerPoint & Excel)

In this course, it teaches you how to get started with the basics course of Word, PowerPoint & Excel. We will cover essential functions and uses such as create, edit, format, (WORD), understanding templates, insert objects & diagrams (POWERPOINT) & data entry, simple formula/functions, working with basic charts (EXCEL) and many more

Who is it for: The course is for a complete beginner and has little or no working knowledge of Ms Office Trio.

Duration: 3 Day

Cost: Normal price RM 2850 – *Promo* RM 1900

Details & Booking

Note: This course awards 10 CIDB CCD points.

Who Should Attend



      • Those who are interested and want to learn more about Office Trio to enhance their knowledge and skills
      • Those who need to use Office Trio to upgrade their working capabilities and to have elevate their documents.
      • Those who are in-between jobs, on the look-out for new posts or those who wish to strengthen their resume
      • Executives, Managers, Senior Management
      • HR Professionals
      • Business Development, Marketing & Sales Professionals
      • Project Managers
      • Administration Professionals
      • Small & Large Business Owners
      • Business Analysts
      • Financial Professionals
      • Human Resource Professionals
      • And many more!

Class Duration and Schedule


We offer short courses that cover everything to know about Excel and provide practical skills for staying competitive at the workplace or business.


Microsoft Word Basics – 1 day

Microsoft PowerPoint Basics – 1 day

Microsoft Excel Basics – 1 day

Microsoft Office Trio (Word, PowerPoint & Excel) – 3 day

Our classes start at 09:00 am to 5:00 pm with regular breaks. These breaks give the participants time to rest and to process the information that they receive during the course.

Typically, Word courses available out there are much longer and could even sometimes take weeks to complete. We designed our Word programme in such a way that students can achieve full competency within the one to three days period.

We usually conduct the courses on weekdays. However, we also offer weekend classes for part-timers with office-hour jobs and those unable to attend the weekday sessions.

See our training schedule :

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**Free Repeats**

To help our participants better, we offer free repeat classes. Students can revisit the institute and refresh their skills if needed. These free repeat classes are available every month. 

Classroom Training and Facilities


Our training centre is located in Bandar Puteri, Puchong and is only a 2-minute walk from the Bandar Puteri LRT station with many restaurants nearby. For those who drive, nearby there is a shaded car park which is free. Due to its proximity, our centre gets many students from Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley.


    • Our training sessions are held in a classroom setting. The instructor teaches the theory and shows various practical examples. 
    • Participants also get to try out numerous exercises and experience the learning-by-applying concept.
    • The training style consists of 70% practical and 30% theory, workshop style. We intend that students learn more by doing rather than just listening.
    • You will receive personal guidance from our trainers during the class. 
    • Our trainers will have Q&A sessions to answer the various questions throughout the class.
    • Our typical class size is between 6-10 students. This setup allows our trainers to spend more time with each of their students.


[Covid-19 Update]

At CAD Training Centre, we take social distancing and SOP regulations very seriously in the interest of the safety of our fellow participants.

Our training centre is sanitized and disinfected regularly. There are ample hand sanitizers placed around the room.

Our classroom settings follow the standard guidelines of 1-meter space between participants’ seating areas and 1.5 meters space between the table rows. Safety and wellbeing of our students is our number one priority.

Online Training


Our online classes are conducted via digital platforms such as Zoom and Cisco Webex. Classes are both exciting and relaxed as our trainers have a lively approach that works well for online training. We also designed the lessons to promote ease of learning. 

Our experienced trainers will teach and guide the students with practical hands-on exercises that are done via screen sharing.

Because there are no geographic limitations, our students are from all over Malaysia.

In-house and Corporate Training


We also conduct in-house training programmes based on request. 

We have conducted training for various companies such as TNB, Tesco, UTM, IGB Corporation Berhad, Boustead Naval Shipyard, Technip, FMC, MavCap, IOI Group, Talam, MKH Berhad, Omron Electronics, UCSI, Naza TTDI, Seremban Engineering Berhad, Gamuda Berhad, Yamaha, Sunway. Harbour Link Berhad, EA Holdings Berhad, LimKoKWing University, Taylors University, UPM, UTHM, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Nottingham University, Muhibbah Engineering.

Mircorosft Excel corporate training by cad training centre

The Trainers



Our trainers have around 7-15 years of coaching experience, and they are very versatile in teaching in the classroom, online or corporate environment. Our trainers conduct classes in an efficient and hands-on manner, so you’ll never find the course boring.

Why Choose Us



Free Repeats & Tutorials

We offer free unlimited repeats, no questions asked. 

In rare instances, some students are unable to digest all the information at one go and may need a refresher.   

Also, we have our students’ best interests at heart and want them to leave the class with full confidence. 

Upon completing the course, we also provide free online tutorials for your continuous learning.

Professional Certification 

Upon completing each Excel course, a Certification of Achievement will be issued.

We have professional certification issued by our partners at UTM (University Technology Malaysia) and other professional bodies.


CIDB & MOF Registered Provider

Our institute is a registered training provider for the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). As such, we provide CCD points under the Continuous Contractor Development program as required by the construction industry. Participants from the construction industry will receive CCD points for attending our training courses. 

We are also a registered training provider with the Ministry of Finance, MOF.


HRDF Claimable

We are accredited by the Human Resource Development Fund, HRDFAll our courses offered by us are HRDF claimable under the ‘SBL’ Scheme.


Beginner Friendly

We are known for our tagline “Start from zero!” – students do not need any prior knowledge or experience to take our basic courses.


Conducive Learning Experience 

Our classes focus on the practical aspects and less about theory to the ratio of 70:30 – we found that this approach helps with learning and remembering. 

Our class sizes are small at about 4-12 pax per session, and this gets each student more attention from the trainer.


Learning Aids

We provide laptops during the classroom sessions for your convenience.

During your training, a handbook will be given for your reference.

Meal options are also provided.

Our intention is for you to focus on the training and not worry about what to bring to class.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are the benefits of learning Office Trio?

The main benefit of learning Office Trio is that it will enhance your employability status and credibility because most companies require you to work well verse in this software. These are some of the primary advantages of learning Office Trio:

    • Have a good working knowledge of the basics Microsoft Office commands.
    • Able to create, edit, format and proof business documents like a PRO.
    • Write professionally for education and work purposes.
    • Able to understand data entry, simple formula/functions, working with basic charts etc. 
    • Understanding templates, insert objects & diagrams
    • You’ll acquire essential skills in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, making you more efficient and marketable.

Is Office Trio easy to learn? 

Absolutely. Furthermore, we design the courses for attendees who come with absolutely no prior knowledge or experience in Microsoft Trio or other word document programs. 


Can I just learn Office Trio with free information online?

Before joining our course, our students usually spend hours searching online on Youtube, Google or ask their colleagues for help whenever they face problems with Microsoft Office Trio. Although they sometimes get the answer that they are looking for, the process is laborious.

We understand this struggle, and that is why we designed our training to equip you with everything you need to know about Office Trio in just three days.

How long does it take to learn Office Trio?

We have three primary levels of Office Trio courses, and each takes up a day. The three levels are Basics (Word, PowerPoint & Excel).


Can I learn Office Trio in a day? 

Yes, you can (If you opt for the bundle). Our Microsoft Office Trio Basics program only takes three days to complete. 

However, if the participants wish to master only certain individual course then it shall only be one day.


What is the difference between classroom learning and online courses? 

Classroom Learning:

    • Physical attendance at our training centre in Bandar Puteri, Puchong, Selangor
    • Face-to-Face interaction with the trainers and other students in a classroom setting
    • Immediate guidance & attention from the trainer
    • Much more focused
    • Co-learning and discussion opportunity with other participants

Online Course:

    • Attendance via online platforms such as Zoom and Cisco Webex
    • Savings on travel and food expenses
    • Learn from the comfort of your own home/office
    • More flexibility in terms of time and place

What Participants Say

We have trained many well-known companies and individuals who completed their course highly satisfied. We feel honoured to receive their encouraging feedback and positive reviews. Read our full Word training testimonials here. (add link)

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