Testimony – Microsoft Excel

Welcome to our Microsoft Excel Testimony

What our participants had to say:

MS EXCEL BASICS – ADVANCED | 3-day short course
Farid Amirul | Student | UTHM | 

“…Sebagai student saya rasa Excel sangat berguna, even during practikal lecturer saya pun tekankan penggunaan Excel..

“..For me I want to learn Excel so I can improve and enhance my soft skills..I too can add it onto my resume for credibility..”

“..I can impress my boss in another way by inputing what I have learn such as summarize data and many more..”


Abdul Razak Bin Hayat Din | Senior Executive | SINO Sales Sdn Bhd

“..I find out a’lot of knowledge in vlookup, pivot tables, how to do graphs and dashboard”

“..It is very good for me as it enhance my knowledge and I am able to do a lot of things..”


MS EXCEL BASICS | 1-day short course
Lawrance Leong | Marketing Executive | CAD Training Centre |

“..MS Excel is difficult for me as I know little to no knowledge about it..”

“..It has help me and built and develop myself and to up-skill myself in regards to Microsoft Excel..”

“..Today I am confident in the works that I submit to my colleagues and my bosses..”

“..I learned and understand a’lot is how to use COUNTIF and SUMIF”



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