Saravana Kumar

The Programming and Photography Specialist

Saravana is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Rewards Solution, a company specialising in Cloud/Web based business software solutions and also the founder and of PHY Semiconductor a Design Centre developing microchips for ultra high speed networks. Saravana has more than 15 years of industrial experience in Product Development, R&D, Training, Sales and Marketing in the areas of Semiconductors, Technology Software and IT. With more than 10 years experience in Public Training, Saravana has conducted numerous Technology based courses to a wide client based which includes Texas Instruments, Motorola, Fairchild Semiconductors, On Semiconductors, OYL, University of Malaya and many others. An avid photographer Saravana also owns a premier Wedding and Portrait Photography business (Studio Esthetica) which helps him keep in touch with the artistic creative side. Saravana holds Masters Degree in E & E Engineering (Microelectronics) from USM, Malaysia and is also an accredited Master Photographer certified by the Master Photographers Association of the UK.

Trainings he does:

For Working Adults:
1. C++ programing
2. Java Programing
3. All sorts of programming languages
4. Lightroom (Photo Editing)
5. Basic Photoshop
6. Photography

For children: 8-15 years old
1. Scratch Programming for Kids[wpforms id=”168″]

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