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IT Security loopholes + Systems Protection

Common Security Loopholes in your IT Systems and Remedies


All Major Vulnerable Areas

  • Your Networking Setup Most IT executives can easily administer their network systems but not many is skilled in even the most basic concepts of network security
  • Your PC and Desktop Each PC in your network can potentially open up a floodgate of security risks into your entire network. Learn how to secure each PC
  • Your Incoming Emails Most of us depends on email for communication. However research has shown that a huge majority of PCs are infected via atttachments from emails
  • Your Internet Usage With increased use of internet and World Wide Web,it is of us becoming one of the top avenues for hackers and malware to penetrate your IT systems
  • Your Wireless Networks One of the least discussed but extremely vulnerable are IT systems
  • Your Wireless Networks One of the least discussed but extremely vulnerable are
  • Your Wireless Networks One of the least discussed but extremely vulnerable are is how wireless networks whether internal or public can present huge security risks

With Many Hands On Demo
How Outsiders Gain Information about You via Whois, IP Scanning, Port Scanning, Network Scanning, Google Hack, Security Camera Hack, etc
How Anti-Virus and Firewalls Help Secure your Desktop and PCs from external intrusion as well as how some of these Viruses, Trojans & Spywares work

How your Passwords can be Cracked from the outside including by both internal and external parties

  • You want to good knowledge about all major areas your IT Systems can be penetrated by outsiders
  • You want to understand how each of these security risks can be prevented or counter-actions
  • You want a to learn first-hand how your systems can be hacked by understanding how hackers do it
  • You want to prevent a major catastrophe from happening to your IT System which will wreak havoc

Most Common Security Risks
. This workshop is specifically designed to provide the right knowledge for IT executives to explore the various means that an intruder has to gain access into your IT . . Networks and Computers. The main areas covered are Server, Internet, Desktops, Email as well as Wireless Access. It will further investigate the main weaknesses in each of these areas which most IT personnel are seldom aware of.

. One of the key features about this workshop is that it provides insights onto how a Hacker gather information as well as penetrate into your systems. We believe that the best way to understand security is by learning from the perspective of an Ethical Hacker.
. This workshop will explore the various means that an intruder has, to gain access to computer resources. It will investigate weaknesses by discussing the theoretical background behind, and whenever possible, actually performing the attack during the workshop.
. Besides learning about how hackers and intruders work, the workshop also cover the security aspects of your Servers and PCs including valuable advise on how to setup a secure systems, advice on equipment and software you can use to strengthen your systems security as well as various Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS). Many areas concerning web security in particular internet risks and social media risks will also be covered.
. Upon completion of this workshop, you will be well-equipped with all the knowledge your need to keep your IT Systems secure.

Interesting Project Covered
Creating Backdoors in Windows login page

Creating Phishing pages of popular websites
Sending Fake Emails and its counter measures
Creating simple viruses and its protection
Hiding any secret data behind an Image
Generate most secure passwords
*Depending on the participant background, trainer may choose other projects

Who Should Attend?

  • IT Security, Network Security, Systems Security Personnel in-charge of Organization IT Security
  • IT Managers, Executives & Officers
  • System and Network Administrators
  • IT Support, IT Helpdesk, IT Engineers
  • Professionals working in IT Fields including Outsource IT Professionals & Consultants
  • IT Lecturers, IT Trainers, IT Educational Staff
  • Anyone who are interested in learning overall IT security skills

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